- Complete Church Steeple and Tower Restorations Since 1976 -

Restoration Carpentry

Given the fact that many of New England's church steeples are over a century old, it should come as no surprise that some will require more than surface preparation and painting.

The effects of undetected leaks, powder post beetle infestations, and lightning strikes account for the majority of structural failures.  Improper surface preparation, haphazard refastening, poor caulking of open joints, and improper application of paint systems result in the exterior deterioration of steeple woodwork.

Over the years I have completely rebuilt steeples, replaced structural members, reinforced trusses, built bell cradles, and performed all aspects of exterior steeple carpentry.  The approach varies from steeple to steeple.  Some jobs require the introduction of custom fabricated steel, while others involve epoxy wood consolidation to preserve existing post and beam members.  After my initial assessment of a steeple's condition, I present a detailed explanation of my findings complete with photographs for documentation purposes.